There are many hotels in Fiji to choose from, ranging from basic to luxurious. So why are visitors considering private villas instead?

The most obvious reason is Space and Privacy. You are able to rent your own 'home-away-from-home' with all the bedrooms and space that you need. Add to this the luxury of a private pool, the freedom to come and go as you please and the flexibility to plan meal times to suit you, and it's easy to see why villas can provide a much more relaxing vacation.

Second reason, particularly for families or a small group of friends is Value for Money. Although it's possible to pay less if you stay in a cheap hotel and sleep four to a room, this is hardly likely to add to the enjoyment of your vacation. And if you are considering a more up-market hotel, you'll often find that for the price of one room, you can rent a two or three bedroom villa with a private pool!

We aim to provide a selection of rental villas that exceed the quality of the competition, not only through the facilities they offer, but also by offering what we think are the best locations.

Below is a listing of our villas. Just click on the map and choose the one that is right for you.

Sunshine Coast Villa Self-Catering from $250 per night
Savasi Island All Meals Included from $862.50 per night
Vacala Bay All Meals Included from $1,520 per night
Taveuni Palms Luxury Villas All Meals Included from $1,635 per night
Wadigi All Meals Included from $2,756 per night

Wadigi -- from $2,756 per night Sunshine Coast Luxury Private Villa -- from $250 per night Savasi Island Villas -- from $862.50 per night Vacala Bay Resort -- from $1,520 per night Sega Na Leqa -- Temporarily Unavailable Taveuni Palms Villas -- from $1,635 per night